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The Tragic Fire

The night of February 4, 2021 will live in infamy for the small town of Mason, Texas. An eerie orange glow could be seen for miles as our beloved courthouse burned before our eyes. With one heartless act, the symbol of our community for over 100 years was taken away.

Local and area firefighters worked tirelessly to save the historic courthouse, but the fire destroyed much of the top of the building, leaving just a shell of its former glory.

Estimates to Rebuild Our Courthouse Are Costly at 

+ $19 Million

About the Rebuild

The citizens of Mason County set to work quickly, looking towards the future of rebuilding our beloved courthouse. A structural analysis has proven that the remaining walls and columns can be saved, acting as a foundation for the renovations.

That rebuild is now priced to cost about $19.6 million, not to mention the costs of repairing the lawn, irrigation and trees. Funding for this project comes from several sources: the Texas Association of Counties (insurance proceeds), the Texas Historical Commission (grant) and a lump sum appropriation from the Texas Legislature. Despite these sources, we anticipate a shortfall of $4 to $5 million. Therefore, the Friends of the
Courthouse has been created to supply private gap funding.

So far fundraising efforts have been very successful, with only $2 million left to raise for the rebuild. Thanks to some very generous donations and grants, the rebuilding project is about to begin, with 2023 being the target year for completion. Soon Mason County residents will begin to see signs of the courthouse rising from the ashes of the horrible fire in early 2021.

Friends of the Courthouse

Friends coming together to rebuild the symbol of our community

About Our Organization

The Friends of the Courthouse was formed in the wake of the tragic Mason Courthouse fire to rebuild the symbol of our community. In this moment, we’ve come together to rise above the devastation and redefine our future. With so many people reaching out to help, this tragedy has turned into an opportunity to grow closer in appreciation for not only what is lost, but what we choose to build upon and appreciate for years to come.

Our mission is to raise funds to provide financial support for the County of Mason in its efforts to reconstruct and restore the Mason County Courthouse to its original grandeur.

Our board Members include:
Homer Sanchez, Randy Kruse, Brandon Willis, Chris Hicks, Connie Stockbridge, Bobbie McMillan, Curtis Donaldson